Tuesday, September 27, 2022

New Home Inspection Booking System


BREAKING NEWS - Following almost three years of procrastination, trepidation, months of grueling work, trying my patience, our new home inspection booking system is live and functioning. 

What does this mean for you good and bad? 

Let’s deal with the bad first:

Our prices will increase a little. Feel free to blame that on our current presidential administrations drastically negative affect on our economy as I will. Our base rate has increased $25.00 and radon tests by the same. That now makes our base rate for a home, up to 1600 SF, $425.00, radon tests with inspections $150.00 and without an inspection $175.00. 

The good good news:

We now have a $25.00 discount if you select a package which includes a radon test with your inspection. 

I felt that our charge for attached homes, condos and townhouse was too high, therefore we now discount that, from the base price, by $50.00. Making that base price for attached homes, up to 1600 SF, be $375.00.

Our add on for homes over 1600 SF, and for homes over 25 years old, rather than calculate by ranges now calculate per exact square foot and year. In reality this makes some less and some more but is much more fair to the home. 

Our package inspection, including a radon test, for large, higher priced and old/historic homes now includes a team to make them go quicker as well as a $50.00 discount. 

You now have the option to choose to add a team to make your inspection go much quicker at a $200.00 added fee. 

We now include an option for a walk and talk on detached structures, without a report at no charge. 

You can now book an inspection on small out buildings including living space and garages with apartments as part of your booking. 

Shortly, Realtors who work with us on a regular basis, will have their own personal page with more simplified booking and access to all of your inspection reports from the past and overtime. 

You will now be able to book inspections in the High Country and all of the areas we cover, based on the zip codes we cover, without difficulty. It will no longer be tied to towns. 

If you have questions, difficulty or concerns with the new system feel free to comment below or text me at 336-816-7756 

Book your inspection now on our website at www.chrisdhilton.com or go direct to our booking page at http://www.chrisdhilton.com/booking.html

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