Monday, February 20, 2017

What a Realtor Thinks

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Awesome Builder Discount

Check out my 100% Awesome Builder Discount. 

Book your newly constructed home inspection at this link. If your builder meets my Awesome Builder Discount Standards your home inspection (not including the radon test) is FREE. If you have paid in advance your money will be refunded. 

Feel free to provide my Builder Challenge to your builder.

Builder Challenge: Think you are an Awesome Builder? Feeling emboldened and confidant? I am eating the cost of your buyer's inspection if I find you to be Awesome. What will you agree to do if you are found not to be? Encourage your buyer to book their home inspection at this link and advise them that if you fail the Awesome Builder Discount Standards you will refund them the cost of their home inspection. Are you up to the challenge? (Your builder is not required to meet the challenge for you to be eligible for the discount. Few, if any, will be willing to do this even if they think they are awesome.)

Awesome Builder Discount Standards:
  1. The home must be move in ready without any additional involvement from the builder other than possibly addressing minor cosmetic issues. 
  2. The home must be newly constructed (never occupied) and must have a certificate of occupancy issued by the local code enforcement authority. A copy of the certificate must be clearly posted on site or provided to the home inspector. 
  3. Permanent power, gas, water must be connected functional and there must be adequate fuel in tanks to operate fueled equipment.
  4. All appliances and equipment must be installed, clean and functional. 
  5. If there have been site modifications to engineered structural components a copy of the sealed engineering design must be posted near the work or be provided to the home inspector at or before the inspection. 
  6. All work on the home must be complete. Complete is defined as there is no needed for anyone to return to do anything for any reason. 
  7. The home interior and exterior must be clean. Clean is defined as there is nothing which is dirty or will get you dirty. Yes, that includes the top of wall cabinets, projections, door casings, inside of windows when opened and inside of cabinets. Attics and crawl spaces must be void of all debris. 
  8. All light fixtures must have appropriate, matching, properly functioning light bulbs. 
  9. There must be grass at minimum coming up in the yard and landscaping must be complete through out the yard including properly blended in to adjacent properties or wooded areas. 
  10. On completion of the home inspectors inspection there can be no issues found and recorded in the report needing attention by the builder, subcontractors, suppliers or code enforcement officials. There can be no recommendations on the home inspectors report other than possible improvement recommendations. 
Following succeeding in the Awesome Builder Discount Challenge a certificate of success will be issued to the builder.  A post will be made on this blog congratulating the Awesome Builder including a photo of the house, a photo of the builder and buyer if desired. Information will be included about the builder and a link to the builders website. A post will be made on this home inspectors business and personal FaceBook pages announcing that this builder met the Awesome Builder Challenge linking back to the blog posting. If desired, this home inspector will provide a quote which can be used by the Awesome Builder about this achievement.

A little confused about your builder? Not of the opinion that he or she will qualify you for the Awesome Builder Discount? Much more reason to click on the link above! Why not allow an expert to make that call, provide you education about the condition of your new home and issues which may be of concern and in need of attention. Click Here to learn more about me. Click Here to learn more about a home inspection. 

In two decades inspecting thousands of homes and searching for awesome builders I have experienced a few which came close but only one home which would have qualified for this Awesome Builder Discount.  Nothing will give me greater pleasure than to discover more and to provide you with this 100% discount. Good Luck!

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