Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Winner of our $100 Gas Card Drawing for July

Winner of our fifth gas card drawing for the month of July 2022


Richard Paulicelli


Richard, Joel (born in July), 2 year old Sophia and Stephanie

Richard lives in Whitsett and works the Burlington area, therefore many of his home inspections are an hour, or more, drive for us both ways. Why do we drive those distances for Richard's clients? Because he is persistent and the work just keeps coming over and over again almost every week and sometimes multiple times in a week. 

We did our first home inspection with one of Richard's clients in April of 2019 shortly after he became a Realtor and was dissatisfied with home inspection experiences starting out. Our team has literally been involved with the growth of his real estate career and his family, daughter Sophia born, November of 2020, and his son Joel born, weeks ago, in July. We have all enjoyed his excitement is discover he was going to be a father twice as he was constantly booking home inspections, in 2019 and then again in 2021. As Facebook friends we have shared in the process of Richard's children's births and adventures, with he and Stephanie, starting out as new parents. 

Our most fascinating experiences with Richard were observing him finding out they were expecting a child and dealing with that through the pandemic as he started out totally paranoid, as many where, with protecting the mother of his child, and their child, through this process while working to keep his business thriving. Then we observed him do it all over again with much more experience. Richard is the type Realtor we most enjoy working with. He is as paranoid about doing the very best meeting his clients needs. Richard is always very in tune with the details attending and being involved with their home inspections and our process. 

It doesn't appear that we can chase him away as, for some strange reason we only experience, and pay to repair, most of our short comings, on Richard's clients home inspections. One involved a roofing issue and recently two window issues. Thankfully, Richard, remains consistent, no matter what, and continues booking enough home inspections to off set our expense when we screw up. Don't get excited, apparently we only stumble and fall on Richard's inspections and work with he, and his clients, to quickly resolve the issues to everyones satisfaction leaving everyone happy new homeowners. We refuse to have dissatisfied clients or their agents. 

I will be contacting Richard to find whether he prefers a Sheetz or Speedway card which he will receive shortly in an email. Hey Richard - Become eligible for the next drawing by following the instructions below. Your card will not be re-entered. 

Word to the wise, we are having a terrible time remembering to get one of your business cards at our inspections. We don’t do a very good job of that. It is our fault so we are going to change the process. For every inspection we have, with one of your clients, we are now creating a card to enter in the drawing. There are also other ways to be eligible. Let’s fill the drawing cage up with cards. All but the one drawn will remain for the full year. 

Question is how do YOU win the one for August? Find out here: