Thursday, March 31, 2022

Winner of $100 gas card drawing for March


Winner of our first $100 Realtor gas card drawing for the month of March 2022 is:

New Realtor

Andrew Hill


Keller Williams Elite


Interestingly, Andrew is the son of one of our top referring agents, Lisa Hill, and brother-in-law of our associate home inspector, Josh Hedges, who showed up for his first home inspection. Think nepotism, nope, I swear that I walked in Nora Akers office, spun the drawing cage, stuck my hand in and pulled out Andrew's card, among all those present. I will be contacting Andrew to find out whether he prefers a Sheetz or Speedway card which he will receive shortly in the mail. Hey Andrew - Become eligible for the next drawing by following the instructions below, your card will not be re-entered. 

Question is how do YOU win the one for April? Find out here:

Monday, March 7, 2022

Monthly Drawing for $100 Gas Card

North Carolina Licensed Realtors Only
Revised May 31, 2022

On the last day of each month, 12 times a year, we will be drawing a Realtors card to receive a $100.00 gas card from either Sheetz or Speedway (your choice). Please share this with others in your office! 

Who is eligible to participate: All North Carolina active, licensed, real estate agents who have personally met with one of our inspectors, face to face, either as part of a booked home inspection (both buyers and sellers agents), or to discuss the services we provide to agents. The card must be personally, in person, handed to our inspector with exception, if we conduct a home inspection for one of your clients we will create a card and place it in the drawing. This includes all participants in any group event, such as a presentation of our services to agents at Realtors offices or an agent appreciation event. If the event is online agents are eligible but must be registered as a participant in the event and personally deliver their card to one of our inspectors or mail their card to Chris D. Hilton 134 Cedar Lake Trail, Winston-Salem, NC 27104. The agents participation in an online event will be verified before the card is placed in the drawing. 

Hint: As a buyer's agent, we encourage you to show up and participate in your clients home inspection. As a seller's agent, we do not encourage you to participate, but would love for you to drop by and introduce yourself to everyone. As such, hand us your business card and enter this drawing. 

How to participate: When you meet with one of our inspectors, as stated above, write on your business card "Gas Drawing" and give it to that inspector. 

How many times can you participate: Every time you meet the criteria above as judged by the inspector you are with at the time. 

Length of offering: Cards will be cumulative for one year beginning in 2022 until further notice. At the end of each year the cards will be disposed of and a new drawing started for the new year. The winning card drawn will be removed from the drawing. However, that winner will be eligible for the next drawing having submitted additional cards for having met the eligibility requirements stated above. There is no limit to how many times one can enter a card in the drawing provided they meet the eligibility requirements. 

When will a card be drawn and prize rewarded: All of the business cards, and created cards, received in a drawing year will be maintained together for the complete year in the drawing drum pictured above in our office. A card will be drawn from that drum on the last day of each month, the lucky winner advised choice of gas card selected, and announced on this blog and our Facebook sites. The card will be e-mailed from the fuel company selected. 

Who are the inspectors authorized to receive these cards: Chris Hilton, Josh Hedges, Mark Silcott and our Director of Agent Services Nora Akers. 


Sunday, March 6, 2022

Purchase Your Residential Warranties


Purchase your 12 month Home Warranty through our program and receive an extra 6 months at no additional charge when we perform your home inspection!

Residential Warranty Services ("RWS") has been offering home warranties since 1988. They are the market leader in many areas of the country, and growing in other parts! They currently offer one-year warranties in ALL 50 states and Washington D.C. 

Residential Warranty Services has been a member of the real estate community since 1988. It is their business to supply a service plan that is advantageous to both the buyers and sellers, while keeping policies simple and straight forward. 

Their commitment to be the market leader in ensuring the cost of the home repair stays low for their customers. To continue to innovate and create avenues by which their customers can lower their cost of home ownership.

Information provided by Residential Warranty Services, Inc.  


Your dishwasher won't run. Your heat won't come on. The cost of home repair these days can be intimidating to any homeowner - especially first time homeowners. We offer protection from these issues through our home warranty coverage. 

Your home warranty company will give guidance on any number of home issues. For instance, a few shingles blow off in high winds. A pipe on an exterior wall freezes occasionally. The crawl space is damp. While these issues are not covered by any type of extended home warranty, these are all issues that can be solved for minimal to no cost at all. Help is just a phone call away!

For the hundreds of other possibilities that are covered by the home warranty, a representative will go through a few simple questions and procedures to help to identify the problem with a service technician, and follow through on ensuring the proper fix is performed. With most claims, a technician visit occurs within 24 hours, and the problem is solved on the first visit. Some claims require parts that may be ordered or in stock locally. Either way, the cost to the homeowner is often the low deductible. Additional charges would apply to after hours service calls and obsolete parts. See policy for a complete list of covered components and limitations. 

Nearly 80% of all policyholders that make a claim in their first year renew their policy. They see the financial benefit to being a part of a group of thousands and thousands or homeowners that can negotiate better rates of service than any single homeowner. Most policyholders save more than their policy premium each and every year when you compare their overall cost with retail contractor rates.


Sellers benefit from home warranties each and every day. One thing that is a guarantee in any home - all motors will eventually go out. Every appliance will malfunction eventually. Sometimes eventually is right after closing, and as is often the case, the buyer looks to the seller to fix the problem they feel is the sellers responsibility. 

With a home warranty, this can be avoided. The date on which the problem occurred is the primary factor in determining coverage, and for the great many of situations similar to this, the malfunction occurred shortly after closing. A buyer is much more likely to call their home warranty company when they experience a problem than call on the seller to fix it. This gives the buyer the chance to hear from a qualified professional contractor what the problem is and how it happened. 

By offering a home warranty with every transaction, you are providing a proven marketing tool that can contribute to a safe and successful sale in many ways. Some home warranties suggest that homes with warranties "sell 50% faster" and for "up to 3% more," because buyers feel they have made a safer investment. While we here at Residential Warranty Services, Inc find these numbers to be on the high side, we know from experience that a home warranty can reduce the seller's liability for problems with the home that occur after the sale. 

Saturday, March 5, 2022

More and More and More Reviews


Updated March 22, 2022

If you wonder through this blog you will find customer reviews scattered throughout. A little over two years age I began posting reviews on my FaceBook Page (click to visit) and not here. Today I realized that these reviews didn’t have a good home there and needed to be in one place. Therefore this page where we will add those reviews and continue to add more over the years. You will also find reviews on our Deal Killer (marketing page) (click to visit that page). 

“We decided to choose Chris D. Hilton and Associates for our pre-purchase inspection and radon testing because of the fantastic reviews from others and they did not disappoint! We were able to schedule with Joshua Hedges a few days out for a weekend inspection. As first-time home buyers, we appreciated that he welcomed us to be present and to ask questions throughout the entire inspection. After showing the report to various contractors, they were blown away by the level of detail and the quality of photos taken. Joshua took the time to evaluate every crawl space and attic space and was fantastic to work with. I'd recommend their service to everyone!”

"Was highly impressed with this company during my recent inspection for a house purchase. My inspection was completed by Josh and he was very thorough and detailed in explaining his findings at the site and even more detailed when the report was sent to me by email. I have been through the home inspection process several times and this company was probably the best. Highly recommended."

"Wow, Drew Cline with Chris D. Hilton and Associates will restore your trust in what great customer service looks like in action! He was friendly, yes but also honest, transparent, patient, and thorough. When you're looking at something you know nothing about (I know nothing about the mechanical details of house maintenance and upkeep), it helps to have someone who is willing to address each of your questions diplomatically and with great patience. Although Drew had another appointment to get to, he made sure I understood his assessment and that he had addressed every question I had before he headed out. Can't say enough great things about this experience!"

"Drew Did my home inspection and he was incredibly thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. I would recommend their services to family and friends without hesitation."

“We have used their services before and they are very good. Professional, thorough, and explanatory throughout the process. I highly recommend their services.”

"Chris and Drew are two of the most thorough home inspectors I have ever worked with. Their attention to detail is unmatched. Their knowledge and expertise have saved me and my clients money on future repairs. I highly recommend Chris D. Hilton and Associates."

"The inspectors are very experienced and knowledgeable. Both were very friendly and easy to talk to. Questions are more than encouraged and answered thoroughly. The report is very concise. Mr. Hilton even acquired engineering specs and diagrams for previous repairs and presented them for our records. We are more than happy to recommend them to everyone! Thanks you guys!"

"Very thorough. Great at answering questions and explaining what he is finding as he goes along. Also terrific with kids if you have them along. Got the report issued quickly."

"Chris is the most incredible home inspector I have ever met in my life. My wife and I were blown away by his professionalism. He taught us so much about our home. Being that informed prior to the largest investment in our lives was invaluable. I would recommend Chris to anyone who is interested in hiring a master in this field. His comprehensive report alone is insurance and peace of mind for those looking to protect their hard earned money."

"With 20yrs. of real estate experience, my client's brother highly recommended Chris Hilton Home Inspections to my client, and she placed the order for her own home inspection via Chris Hilton. I must say, the process was very thorough and professional. I was quite impressed and have added him to my short list of inspectors I recommend to my clients."

On a Commercial Building (one of two for this client) “Chris and his team provided an incredible inspection experience. We hired them with little advance notice, and they were able to deliver a FAST and excellent inspection report. Not only was the inspection report one of the best and most detailed that I've seen, but he also took the time to sit down with me to review things in detail to make sure that I fully understood. He really helped provide some necessary points of clarity and facts for my family which allowed us to make a quality and informed decision. I look forward to using him in the future should the need arise. Meanwhile, I will highly recommend as I can. Thank you for your great work!”

"Chris and Drew came out to inspect a commercial property for me. I decided to go with this company because of the reviews I read and the webpage that posted their beliefs and inspection values. They did not disappoint. Chris provided me with a quote, kept in contact with me up until the inspection, arrived on time for the inspection, encouraged me to attend the inspection, directed me around the building to show me what he was seeing, remained in contact and answered questions after the inspection, and provided a wonderfully thorough and well-organized inspection report very promptly afterwards. I would highly recommend Chris and his associates for home and commercial inspections."

"Very good experience with Chris.  Easy to set up an appointment online, easy to pay online and report was back quickly.  Report was very thorough with pics, details and everything you need to know to make an informed decision when buying a home.  Would use again and will recommend to others.  Thanks!" 

“I selected Chris because I truly valued the reviews of his tenure and background and felt confident that he could uncover things the classroom trained inspector likely could miss due to high level of skill, tenure of background knowledge in hands on home construction and detail. He just did just that. He was efficient and quick at getting report completed and thorough on his review of the home. I received the report way faster than expected and I’m grateful for the expertise he brings to the field.”

"I have used twice now. Best I’ve used for home inspections! Very thorough! Detailed report! Friendly and informative!"

“Drew, one of the inspectors, was FANTASTIC. He caught many things we missed and provided extremely detailed reports on all of his findings. Don’t skip out on your inspection! These guys could save you THOUSANDS or prevent you from buying a bad home! Worth every penny. Which, buy the way, these guys were some of the most reasonable priced inspectors and I again say, worth every penny! Thank you, Drew for everything you did for us! We will certainly be using this company for any future home purchases.” 

"For at least 20 yrs, Chris Hilton has performed home inspections for my clients, as well as my own family. He has lots of experience and knowledge to get the job done."

"Highly recommend. Chris and Drew were prompt and very detailed with their inspection. Whenever my fiance and I had questions, they would take the time to explain and NEVER made us feel like we were bothering them. They were insightful and very knowledged. It was a pleasure working with Chris and I'm very thankful for him during this process."

"Very well. Drew not only wrote down on paper his findings but also pointed out, while he was in the home, what he put in his inspection (report). Also was very informative and explained the process to us. Would definitely recommend Chris Hilton"

"Chris is a thorough and personable home inspector. Generated a very detailed inspection report quickly after the inspection. Recommended for residential and commercial inspections."

"Drew Cline did an amazing job with my home inspection! He went above and beyond to explain anything I didn’t understand as a first time home buyer. Very genuine! I highly recommend him!"

“I was thrilled with the team from Chris D. Hilton and Associates. They were incredibly knowledgeable, through and answered all of my questions. Chris and Nora are the kind of professionals you want on your “team” when you are taking on the momentous commitment of purchasing a new home.”

"Drew Cline is a great Inspector who had to explain a lot to me (being a first time home owner) he was patient with a great and friendly personality. I definitely recommend !!! Thank you Drew."

“Mr. Hilton and his team were absolutely wonderful! They did the most thorough home inspection and also communicated to us in terms that we could understand being our first home purchase! Mr. Hilton and his team were beyond professional, kind and courteous, offering many tips and sharing knowledge! I would absolutely recommend their services!”

“As a real estate professional of over 17+ years, I look for the best in my industry to help my clients through every step of the way. When it comes to home inspections, Chris D Hilton and Associates go above and beyond the rest! Not only do you get an expert with decades of knowledge and experience, but Chris also brings an honest desire to educate and provide insight at every inspection and beyond. Whether the results are good, bad or ugly--Chris keeps it transparent, honest and informative to make sure our clients get what they need to make one, if not the biggest purchase(s) they will ever make with confidence! I trust Chris and his team with my clients, friends, family and my own personal transactions throughout the years. Thank you Chris and Associates for your dedication, hard work and pride in the work you do!”

“I have been recommending Chris Hilton and Associates for years to my buyer clients.  Again, they came through with flying colors. Chris is very experienced and has a wealth of knowledge of construction issues. I insist my family use him, what does that tell you?”

"Very professional and knowledgeable. They pointed out items that many other inspectors often miss. I will definitely use them again."

On a new construction home: "Chris was very professional, answered all questions we had, and explicated in detail his findings."

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Friday, March 4, 2022

Josh Buys His Own Historic Home

When you are considering a home inspector for an Historic Home, probably should consider someone who owns and lives in one. Congratulations to our own associate inspector Joshua Hedges, and his lovely wife Olivia, who closed on this wonderful “mansion”, built in 1886, this morning. Obviously, I am paying the young man way too much! Is that a chicken in the yard?

Guess what team inspected it. We can handle yours as well. Book it at

Nora’s New Haircut

 Big Breaking News from Chris D. Hilton and Associates Home/Building Inspections
NORA HAS A NEW HAIRCUT! Ha - The real news is why Nora has a new haircut. Keep reading for the details. Sometimes in life, and business, the stars simply align in the right pattern. There are five of us now, including Pam’s administration responsibilities, and more coming shortly. We are not only adding home inspectors, we are expanding territories. We have reached the point to consider office space and the need for someone drumming up business for all of these inspectors. The Office Enter John-Mark M. Mitchell, who booked us for the inspection of his new office building, known to all of us old folk, in this industry, as the former Graham and Boles Building now The Mitchell Building at 190 Charlois Boulevard, Winston-Salem. As we were inspecting his new building, John-Mark brought up his idea of bringing different client services under one roof including, but not limited to, a mortgage lender, closing attorney, Insurance company and HOME INSPECTOR. That tweaked my interest as he suggested us. First thought, why would I want any other home inspector in that building. 

As of March 1st we are a proud new tenant in the Mitchell Prime Properties building. More importantly is what we will be using that office for. The Person who will occupy the office: Don’t fret, she will still be on inspections! Remember the new hair cut. Our
Nora Akers, along with training to become a home inspector, in her own right and being an assistant to Chris D. Hilton Certified Master Inspector will now take on an additional role as Director of Agent Services What does that mean? Unknown to most agents we have a program which keeps agents in front of their clients, along with us, forever, for free. We touch them, and include YOU at least monthly, and often more than once a month with helpful, desirable information, including the agent they worked with information, photo and company logo. Nora will be meeting agents personally and verify this is set up properly representing you to our mutual clients FOREVER. That is only the tip of the iceberg of what we already do for agents and will be adding shortly. Here is a list of a few: Our Action List, we make available for agents to be able to access the data base of our report including our comments and photos to use those, and add their own, creating their clients due diligence request. It is simple and seamless. Many of you have already experienced that. We will now help you sale your listings with our Inspected Houses pre-inspection program. We will literally capture the information from those interested in your listing and share that information with you. It is amazing and Nora and our other inspectors will be contacting you to explain the details. Coming Soon - We will buy the house back if needed Imagine this, we miss something important and our mutual client is upset with us and the house. Shortly, we will literally buy that house from them, at the price they paid, and list it with the agent, whom they worked with, to sale it again. Yes, we fix the problem and you get paid a second time to sale it again. WOW - Details coming SOON! There is much more involved with offerings to our clients along with our clients to be able to purchase home warranties through us from an awesome company we have been involved with for well over a decade. The times they are a changing. We are excited Nora will now be our lead informing you and keeping you in the loop. Don’t imagine that she will do this alone. All of our home inspectors will be involved. Christopher D Hilton, Joshua Hedges, Mark Silcott and more to come. Learn more about us at Our Website