Referrals and Fees

Yes, we would love your referrals and yes we do pay a referral fee on referrals when such fees are allowed by the state authority regulating home inspections.

What this page is all about: Almost all of our business comes from referrals of one kind or another. Someone who is aware of our services shares that awareness with someone in need of our services who ultimately checks us out and books, or requests that their agent book a home inspection. The referring party may be a real estate agent, banker, former client, family or acquaintance of a former client. The possibilities go on and on. Anyone who is aware may make someone else aware of our services.

The information on this page goes a step farther allowing you to make us aware of someone in need of our services so we may contact them. Should you care to share, in some instances, we may be able to reward you with a $25.00 referral fee for sharing.

Who may participate in these referrals? Any person who is breathing, without exception, subject to the conditions clearly stated below. (Please take note that there are legal restrictions on who may be paid a fee for a referral!)

Who we will not pay a referral fee: We will not, and can not, pay a referral fee to anyone who is involved in the transaction they are referring. Such payment is disallowed by the North Carolina Home Inspection Licensure Board Administrative Code 11.8.1116 Code of ethics (e): "No licensee shall accept or offer commissions or allowances, directly or indirectly, from other parties dealing with the client in connection with work for which the licensee is responsible.

Therefore, if you are one of the "other parties dealing with the client" we may be conducting an inspection for, although we would love your referral relative to their transaction, we will not and cannot pay you a referral fee. If you are the buyer or sellers agent, lender or closing attorney, to mention obvious possibilities of which there may be others, please consider participating in the methods below but do not expect anything in return. It is not allowed by state law. Please note that just because you may not qualify under state law to receive a fee does not indicate that we are any less appreciative of your referrals.

Who we will pay a referral fee: If you are not one of the "other parties dealing with the client" as part of their transaction We take great pleasure in being able to offer you a referral fee of $25.00 on any referral you may offer based on the methods addressed below. Note that the fee will be paid to the first person submitting a referral within one week of the client paying for their inspection.

About Payment: Note that some inspection payments are made at the inspection while others may be made at closing. If more than one referral is submitted for the same potential client the referral fee will be paid to the person submitting the referral first.

How to properly submit a referral:

Referrals are only accepted by e-mail to our address and must be submitted prior to the inspection being booked or our receiving any correspondence from the potential client.

The following information is required to be included as part of the e-mail in order to qualify:
  1. The name of the potential client.
  2. An e-mail address for the potential client.
  3. Your e-mail address.
  4. Your mailing address.
  5. Your phone number. 
  6. Please state if you have any relationship to the transaction in question. 
The following is appreciated but not required:
  1. The mailing address of the potential client.
  2. A phone number for the potential client. 
  3. The address for the property in question being sold or purchased.
On receipt of the referral you will be registered as the referring party and anyone referring that same person after you will be disallowed.

If you have any questions concerning these offers please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at (336) 816-7756.

LEGAL NOTICE: Chris D. Hilton reserves the right to change or discontinue any or all of the offers listed above at any time without notice. None of these offers should be considered as an inducement for you to select us as THE home inspector for your client or book any of our services for your clients. Your clients should choose their home inspector.  None of the wording of this marketing/promotional material should be construed as an indirect offer of allowances to “other parties dealing with the client in connection with work for which the licensee is responsible” which is prohibited by North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board Rule 11 NCAC 08.1116(e). If you are a real estate agent please allow your client to freely choose their home inspector.