Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monster Free Guarantee

Are your children concerned about
monsters, ghost and gremlins?
No need for that any longer in their new home. As part of my RecallChek service I also inspect for monsters, ghost and gremlins. I will even deal with a zombie if encountered. If I encounter any of these entities in your home they are professionally removed and all monsters, ghost, gremlins and zombies are banned from all homes I inspect for the life of the home. 

Included free (on request) with every home inspection is a Certificate of Guarantee that the home is MONSTER FREE.

You and your children may sleep well knowing that there are NO monsters, ghosts or gremlins anywhere on the premises including but not limited to the closet, the basement, the attic, under the bed or under the stairs. Check out this video:

Check out the certificate you will receive (on request) for framing.
Place it in your child's room for their assurance that their room and their home is

Disclaimer: All monsters, ghosts, gremlins and zombies removed from homes are humanly treated and shipped to an escape proof sanctuary for their safe keeping.