Why pay for a Radon test?

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Good question. It would suit us if we never did another radon test. Do you think we enjoy two trips hauling an expensive piece of equipment in and out? The only reason we offer radon testing is that it is expected as part of the real estate transaction. Well, we guess there is some concern about the health of the occupants, but there are a lot of opinions pro and con on that issue. What is it habitual smokers say?

"You got to die from something"

Sure the health issue is an important issue and the reason for testing in the first place. However, there is another issue most agents and buyers fail to consider. The average time for home ownership is seven years. Suppose you don't care about the health issue. Do you care anything about the contents of your wallet? Don't test, when you resale, there is a good chance the next buyer will. There is over a 40% chance in Forsyth County of North Carolina (where many of our inspections are performed) that YOU will be paying for a mitigation system. Had you tested, you probably could have forced the seller to pay for this when you purchased the home. Are you seeing dollar signs yet? Whose pocket would you prefer the dollars come from, yours or the sellers? Add this to the health issues and the choice for testing is a no-brainer. Check out this video produced by the EPA:

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No waiting for results. The report is sent to you by e-mail, fax or mail shortly after the monitor is picked up. Chris D. Hilton and Associates is a member of the Radalink radon testing network. Our electronic monitors are the very best available in the marketplace, rotated for calibration and quality control. Tamper resistant, hourly readings of radon concentrations, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. Test results are analyzed by Radalink computers in Atlanta and reviewed by expert radon technicians.

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