Friday, July 11, 2014

Melted siding, damage to cars and fires from low "E" windows

For many years myself and other home inspectors have been noticing vinyl siding warped and melted similar to that in this photo. We have been scratching our heads attempting to determine why. It appeared in many cases that it was in a corner near a window and was being caused by reflection of sun off of the window. With research you will find much worse issues with larger damage and damaged to cars parked in adjacent parking lots and even causing fires.,2014.pdf
Here is a link to a very interesting news report from WRAL TV:
If your home or condo is experiencing this you need to pay attention to the information provided above!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What a Realtor Thinks

Realtor Comment on my Yelp account: "I recommend Chris at the top of my list. He is so thorough, exceeding standards set by the state and provides continuing education and recall check services to my clients through newsletters and access to his blogs. I build relationships with my clients and he helps me maintain those by providing value. He has a very understanding almost gentle way of helping nervous homebuyers that educates while never making them feel ignorant. I love the way he makes me look good to my clients through his doing a great job for them."