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Realtor Services

Realtor Services

Optimum question! 

Can working with, and encouraging involvement of, a particular home inspector help you sell homes? 

That is exactly what this addresses 

From being the best for your client, providing added value services, in excess of what they pay, including various warranty coverages, a buyback guarantee, keeping you before your clients multiple times a month, for free, FOREVER, conducting pre-listing inspections for your sellers, actually assisting you in selling their homes. We are changing the atmosphere of home inspections, one inspection at a time. We challenge you to find other inspectors equal, let alone better at what we do. Imagine advising your client that we will literally purchase their home back, if we miss something required, and they are not happy keeping their home. A little added bonus, if we buy it, we list it with you to re-sell. Does it get better than that?

We Love Realtors! However, there are major limitations on transactions involving your client. Let’s begin this by establishing some parameters. Our legal, contractural and fiduciary responsibility is 100% to our mutual clients. Our sole responsibility to the Realtors, is to do the very best for our mutual clients, even if that ends in them terminating the transaction, due to issues with the condition of the home. When experiencing issues which make our mutual clients uncomfortable, our job is to do everything in our power to keep those issues in proper perspective. The perspective is that everything is repairable. It is all in the details of how that is handled, who ends up bearing the expense and how that may positively, or negatively, affect the value of the home. Nothing pleases us more than being part of turning lemons into lemonade and helping difficult deals workout. In actuality, we do that more often than you could imagine. When the chips are down, we jump in and help work it out, if possible. 

All of that said, you will be shocked at what we have to offer assisting you booking inspections, maintaining nonstop constant contact with your clients, they will rave about receiving, multiple times a month, FOREVER! 

Where It Begins

Real Estate Dashboard (RED) -
 An intuitive easy way for agents to contact us, schedule new, review past inspections and update their profile. Accomplished with a direct link, to our system, we provide for your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Don't have it? Ask for it by texting Chris at 336-816-7756. Yes, Realtor, Pam Hilton, is married to the old buzzard. 

Questions During Showings - On a showing and run into something everyone has questions, or is confused about? No big deal, text a question with photos to Chris at 336-816-7756 and he will respond as quickly as possible, typically instantly from wherever he may be. That has included some very strange places and times over the years. How many times have we received a request we were unable to answer? Try - NEVER. 

Before the Offer Consultation - Have a client who loves a home, would like to make an offer but are uncomfortable? Not a problem. Our Senior Inspector, Chris Hilton, makes himself available for phone consultations with agents and their buyers prior to their making an offer. Text Chris at 336-816-7756, If that doesn’t provide adequate comfort or Chris isn’t comfortable over the phone, subject too availability, Chris or one of our other inspectors aren’t above a courtesy quick walkthrough of the property if he deems such is appropriate. Many potential buyers have made offers on homes they were uncomfortable with after our involvement. What do we charge for this? Try nothing! 

Clients Selection of a Home Inspector - Our services to Realtors begins with our making pricing and booking available 24/7 at with information to assist your client in choosing their home inspector. WHAT - we don’t want you to simply book with us? No, we are of the opinion that creates a liability that you do not need hanging over your head. You should provide your clients with a minimum of three recommendations you should allow them to choose from. There is no problem with you saying who your preference is, and why, but make it very clear the choice is theirs and they should check out these and any others they desire. THE CHOICE SHOULD CLEARLY BE THEIRS! For us, direct them to our website at If we can’t convince them that we are their best choice we don’t deserve to be their home inspector. If it is their choice for you to book their inspection, check out the Real Estate Dashboard addressed above. 

Chance to Win a $100.00 Gas Card Every Month
- On the last day of each month we have a drawing for a $100.00 gas card for agents who’s clients we work with and whom we have met with about our services. Click here for how to participate. 

What if the Inspector Misses Something
- Many homebuyers are hung up on the question of what happens if the home inspector misses something consequential and they get stuck with it. You would imagine that the fact we have been doing this since 1998 completing over 7000 inspections, without that occurring, would be enough. With some that simply doesn't cut it. No problem, if one of our inspectors misses anything they were required to address and the client is so unhappy with the home that they don't want it, WE WILL BUY IT BACK! Yes, I don't stutter and you can find the details by clicking here. One little caveat for you. We list the home with you for resale and pay standard commission rate. 

What if Something Goes Wrong After the Inspection
We cover that with our 90 Day Warranty. You can learn the details by clicking here.

Booking the Home Inspection
- We provide online access for booking home, and commercial building inspections,  24/7 at You can book for the client or we are of the opinion it is better to simply encourage them to book for themselves. It is a simple process. 

Keeping EVERYONE Involved in the Communication Loop - Unlike other inspectors we communicate with the client, buyers and sellers agents via email and text. We do our best to keep everyone informed what is going on and when. As approved by our client in their contract we include the sellers agent and the seller (if provided their emails address) with the report delivery on completion. We offer an opt out if informed that is undesirable. That said, since 1998, we have experienced very few opt outs of that arrangement and don’t receive complaints. It is our opinion that repair negotiations go MUCH smoother when everyone is working from the exact same information on the table. 

Scheduling Access to the Home - We may be a little strange about this but we prefer that the buyers agent make the appointment with ShowingTime, or however is appropriate, not us, and supply us with access information. Our inspectors will also make an appointment as a back up. Yes,  Chris Hilton has been an associate member of the Winston-Salem Association of Relators for since 1998. All of our active inspectors are members. We all have ShowingTime, SentriKey access through the Winston-Salem Association and Supra Key access through the Greensboro Association. Chris Hilton is also an associate member of the High Country Realtors Association and Inspector Mark Silcott (also an active Realtor) is a full Association member. We simply prefer that the buyers agent be involved with access arrangements. If that is a problem let us know. 

We love buyers and their agents attendance

Inspection Attendance
- Our preference is that both our client and their agent attend and participate in the total inspection process. We feel everyone benefits from that, better understands the issues and is better equipped to negotiate the repairs requested if they are actively involved. Does anyone have to attend? No, it is totally your choice and we fully understand that it isn’t always possible with busy schedules and out of town clients or Realtors. You should be very uncomfortable with any home inspector who discourages attendance or even says come at the end. That said, we do many of our inspections alone. Apparently many others don’t deem that as important as we do. No problem, we will do our thing without you. 

The Best Report System Available on Earth - 40 plus years of experience, millions of reports completed, created by, Carson Dunlop, a Canadian consulting engineering company dedicated to home inspections since 1978. Horizon helps us do the right thing, the right way, faster than ever before. We are literally, entering photos, as we take them, and creating your report as we make entries onsite. Yes, we could deliver your report onsite but choose not to do so. All of our reports are reviewed, tweaked, and modified, by the inspector and our Senior Inspector, Master Inspector, Chris D. Hilton before it reaches your hands to assure that you receive the very best report possible. Our Senior Inspector, Chris Hilton, has worked as a paid consultant for Carson Dunlop working closely with its co-founder, Alan Carson, on creating an online training system for NC State University and beta testing their first iPhone reporting application. Chris Hilton was the state certified field trainer for state approval of the NC State University online training system created by Carson Dunlop. Chris also assisted in creation of their Horizon Insight application. 

Repair Request Form
- We provide you with a link to an online program which allows you to access and use or report comments, photos, and add your own comments to create your repair request. Check it out by Clicking Here

Following The Inspection

After the Inspection Consultation - You would be shocked at the effectiveness of Chris Hilton’s extensive construction background, over 5 million square feet of commercial construction, and 25 years of inspection experience, making buyers and sellers more comfortable, assisting addressing serious issues which may arise during the inspection as part of the decision to proceed and the due diligence process. Often clients, and even their agents, need a little experienced handholding as part of the process. We never do the inspection, provide the report and disappear. When you pay our fee we do our best to assist, as may be need, throughout the process and even after closing. 

What if Client is Completely Dissatisfied with Their Inspection
- If after your client reviews their home inspection report they aren't satisfied with our performance, simply say so and we will return 100% of their fee. In addition, we will pay up to equal that fee to any licensed North Carolina home inspector, of their choosing, to conduct a second home inspection. We have offered that for decades without anyone asking for their fee to be returned and for us to pay another inspector. Click Here for details. 

Issues During the Due Diligence Period - Something come up during the due diligence process relative to issue with the inspection or other issues relative to the construction and or function of the home. No problem. Text Chris at 336-816-7756. He is happy to assist. 

Home Warranty 18 Months for the cost of 12
- Yes, we are affiliated with a home warranty company who, if we inspect the home,  offers an 18 month warranty for the cost of 12. Can you beat that? You will find more information by Clicking Here

After Closing

Maintain Mutually Branded Contact (with their agent) FOREVER! 
 We do not disappear after closing. We maintain (mutually branded, with the buyers agent) contact forever, in association with their Recall Check and Home Binder services, with our mutual clients during the ownership of their home and after. Typically when our clients buy their next home they insist on us being their inspector and their mutually branded agent as their Realtor. We have clients, since 1998, we have inspected multiple homes for them, their family members and friends. Ask us about how me maintain communication and include the buyers agent in those communications. We keep you in front of our client forever FOR FREE! If you are not already aware and involved with this please contact our Director of Agent Services Nora Akers. Here is a link to her Digital Business Card  

Before Listing

Pre-listing Inspections - Inspected Houses We were just beginning kicking this in gear when the pandemic and the sellers market made it more difficult. Stay tuned as this effort begins again. Currently, homes are put on the market, offers are accepted, and then inspections are performed for the buyer. Upon inspection deficiencies are discovered and then buyers and sellers negotiate repairs. With this process, real estate transactions are typically negotiated twice, once on the price of the house and once for repairs. This process always cost sellers and buyers money because they are blindsided with unexpected costs and unforeseen deficiencies. This is changing in many markets. We are associated with an inspection company in Canada where 90% of their business is pre-listing inspections. We are working on making that much more prevalent here.

Additional Services For Your Client’s

Along with what is mentioned above we offer MUCH MORE for you client

Radon Testing

10% Discount on Moving Services

More Coming Soon

Drone for Difficult to Observe Roofs  

CrawlBot Access for Difficult Crawlspaces 

Mold Testing

Lead Testing 

Sewer Scope

Well Inspections

Septic System Inspections

Yearly Maintenance Inspections

Our Inspectors

Links to their digital business cards

Owner/Senior Inspector 
Triad and High Country

Director of Agent Services
Assistant to Chris D Hilton 

Emily Cabrera
Home Inspector
Radon Technician
Mold Technician
Office Staff

Home Inspector Triad


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