Sunday, March 1, 2020

Top Notch Home Inspections

Breaking News - Dateline Lexington North Carolina Sunday March 1, 2020 
Chris D. Hilton

Home Inspector Associate Drew Cline completes his two years apprenticeship with Chris D. Hilton and Associates Home/Building Inspections, sprouts his wings and starts his own company "Top Notch Home Inspections".

A huge congratulations to our Inspector Associate Drew Cline, on completion of his two-year apprenticeship program with our organization. Over two years ago, a popular, 15-year veteran, pest technician, at the top of his game, approached me with a wild idea of becoming a home inspector. My response was “you will starve”. One thing I have clearly learned, over my 20 plus years in this business, is that becoming a successful home inspector requires much more than the 120 hours of classroom, 80 hours of field training, and passing a rigorous exam. Our state, and most states for that matter, tend to dump these inexperienced new “Licensed home Inspectors” out into the public realm where, in all honesty, they may have a reasonable understanding of the technical aspect of home inspections, but very limited understanding, and no experience, of how to become a successful home inspector desired by potential clients and their Realtors. Photo is of Drew in THE HOUSE FROM HELL, his first training inspection.

I was considering beginning training home inspectors to become effective, efficient professionals, well prepared to be the very best they could be. I actually became a certified NC field trainer, years before, and was of the opinion that much more was needed, than our state was demanding. When Drew approached me about becoming a home inspector, I told him it would require two years. He thought I was nuts. He thought he had very good connections in the real estate market, and he did, and that alone would push him to success. Drew quickly learned, and I think will agree, that doesn’t work. My idea was a two-year paid apprenticeship program, by my side, beginning to build the experience necessary to become good at this trade. Drew worked both with me, and out on his own, building and perfecting himself, using my experience, my client and Realtor base, as he built his own, to accomplish that. For those of you who have experienced Drew, you are well aware of how well this has worked. I don’t think a single client or Realtor, who have experienced Drew, can disagree how far he has advanced over the past two years. Photo is of Drew attending ASHI Inspection World 2019 in San Diego California. 

I am sure many are of the impression that Drew works for me. Surprise, nothing could be farther from the truth. Drew is now, always has been, and will be, an independent contractor. Drew has chosen to continue functioning under my business umbrella. I provide the technical support, booking and business side so Drew, and others coming up behind him, can concentrate on their inspections, reporting, building their business, without the headaches of dealing with the business side. There are seldom problems, but when there are, we work together, as a team, to resolve them quickly. This is a win, win, win, for all involved and has advanced beyond even our wildest dreams. Photo is of the growing Hilton Insepction team attending Continuing Education Class at The Home Insepction Training Center Burlington, NC. 

Now Drew advances to a new level of establishing his own brand. Much like stepping out on his own Drew is becoming “Top Notch Home Inspections” flying his own brand and banner, which is associated with mine. Drew is also beginning assisting with the training of additional inspectors. Over time, Drew will become a team leader with other inspectors training and functioning under his supervision. Drew, and I, have literally built this concept together and are now implementing it far beyond him. I believe that Drew will concur that the past few years hasn’t been all fun and games. There have been difficult and stressful times, for the both of use, walking this new path, neither of us had any experience walking. We both are on the same page agreeing that our path may have been untried, but it worked beyond either of our wildest imaginations. 

It is with great honor, and swelling pride, that Drew allows me to make this introduction of his vision, new company name, and banner. Please join me in welcoming Drew and his “TOP NOTCH HOME INSPECTIONS”.  This concept will advance, over time, to its own website and booking page. Please continue to support Drew as he extends his wings, out of the nest, to soar to new heights, by booking inspections with Drew at our website

Saturday, July 20, 2019

What clients think of our services

Two Angie's List Reviews From Clients

Angies List review on an inspection Drew Cline and I did as a team: "They were very thorough and knowledgeable. The report & responses to follow-up questions were handled quickly. Although we didn't need this, their "Monster Free Guarantee" for kids is adorable."

Yet another Angie's list review on a team inspection with Drew Cline. Unfortunately this one didn't turn out well for our client, or the seller, as Drew discovered major issues in this crawl space. At 30 years younger than me, when we are together, Drew draws the short straw on crawl spaces and does an excellent job, after crawling through them for 15 years as a pest inspector.

"Outstanding, Chris and his team were extremely thorough! Professional to the core , and did an excellent job! I highly recommend Chris to anybody looking to buy a home. You will not be disappointed, that is for sure!"

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

10% Moving Discount with Core Lentz Moving Services

Ever attempting to offer better deals, for not only our clients but even the sellers of the homes we inspect, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Core Lentz Moving Services located in Clemmons, NC to offer a 10% discount on all in state moves in North Carolina. An even large discount will be available on out of state moves depending on location. We will also offer this to the sellers on the homes we inspect. My business relationship with Lenz goes back 40 years during which time I built their facilities. Yes, I had another life as a commercial contractor. A coupon will be included at the back of every report, as well as on the back of the letter we leave in every home we inspect. When you book your home inspection with us you receive much more than the cost of your home inspection in deals and savings. We even offer savings to the sellers of the homes we inspect.
Visit their website here.

Monday, April 1, 2019

PLATINUM ROOF PROTECTION PLAN included with all residential home inspections


The service contract is for the repair of leaks to your home’s roof for a period of 5 years following the date of inspection. This service contract covers only those items specifically listed and excludes all others, subject to the terms and conditions in the plan. This policy covers all residential roof types, including asphalt/composition shingles, slate roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, and non-commercial flat roof types. This policy applies only to the home itself, and specifically excludes other structures.

Click here for complete information

MOLD/SAFE included with all residential home inspections

We offer way more than just an inspection! If mold is found in your home, which was not present at the time of your inspection, you are covered for remediation up to $2,000

Click here for complete details

SEWER/GARD included with all residential inspections

With every single family residential home inspection, we provide (at no additional cost) Sewer Line Protection from SewerGard the world leader in underground repair coverage. Close your transaction with confidence and worry less knowing that main water and sewer collapses and breaks are covered, up to $4000. *See policy for complete terms and conditions.

Click here for complete information

Saturday, February 9, 2019

What a retired Realtor thinks

Google My Business review from a retired Realtors recent home inspection:

"Both Chris and Drew were knowledgeable, thorough, and courteous throughout the inspection, explaining everything as needed and handling repeats and interruptions professionally. The report was swift in coming, all of which led me to move forward comfortably with my purchase. Thanks Chris!"

Friday, January 18, 2019

What a client thinks

Yesterday customer review on Google My Business:

"Highly recommend. Chris and Drew were prompt and very detailed with their inspection. Whenever my finance and I had questions, they would take the time to explain and NEVER made us feel like we were bothering them. They were insightful and very knowledged. It was a pleasure working with Chris and I'm very thankful for him during this process."

Saturday, January 12, 2019

What a client thinks

Five star review posted on Google today: "Very good experience with Chris. Easy to set up an appointment online, easy to pay online and report was back quickly. Report was very thorough with pics, details and everything you need to know to make an informed decision when buying a home. Would use again and will recommend to others. Thanks!" Don't make a practice of sharing names but it is on Google which you can easily find by simply googling my name Chris D Hilton

Friday, August 17, 2018

Thorough Home Inspections

Email received today relative to a 63 page (OMG) one year warranty inspection conducted the first of the week on new construction the client (who has purchased three other new homes) did not have inspected before closing. We were there because of issues they were experiencing with the home. 

"Hi Chris,

It has taken me this long to absorb your report. This is by far the most comprehensive home inspection report we've ever read. We have to tell you and Drew thank you so much for such a thorough report. It was a real pleasure meeting both of you. We will definitely pass along your name to anyone we hear is looking for a great inspector.

Thanks again,"

This speaks to a recent comment I heard about a new agent being berated by other, more seasoned agents, for booking a home inspection with us because we are "too thorough". When she shared that with her client the response was "that is exactly who we want". Yes, we may not be your agents choice but you can believe, as a homebuyer, when we are finished we will be yours!!! We do not arrive at a home to protect your agents commission. We arrive to protect your best interest and to thoroughly educate you on the condition of the home you are considering purchasing. We are there to either support your comfort or discomfort and we do not care which. 

If you happen to be an agent who places the best interest of your client ahead of your own then we are the home inspectors for you. If not, probably best that you not consider us as we could prove to be a great disappointment to your transaction as we uncover the truth about the home being considered.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

How to save 20% on a home inspection

Stop Drew from going fishing and save 20% on one home inspection only (not including the radon test) booked during August 2018 by any agent who has never worked with Chris D. Hilton or Drew Cline previously (we will check). 

To celebrate and introduce the most experienced new home inspector in North Carolina’s arriving being released to conduct inspections on his own (Chris is picky!) we are offering 20% off (one per agent) of home inspections booked during the month of August. 

Book your clients home inspection at this link:

Fill out the information about the house and the inspection, click on “find appointment”, select time under “Openings for Drew” and click “Reserve Drew”. Enter the information requested and, in the notes, enter “20% off of home inspection for Realtors first home inspection with Drew”. It’s that simple to try Drew out and save your client’s money in the process. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

What a client thinks

Review posted today on Google about a recent inspection: "Chris is a common sense realist with a plethora of construction knowledge and experience. A great asset to a potential homebuyer who wants to be assured that they are getting the best bang for their buck. I highly recommend Chris and his team."

I responded back: "Thanks Mike, plethora is a big word, may have to look that up. In all honesty to everyone our relationship only goes back over 30 years. You should know." Mike is a commercial construction project manager.