Saturday, April 30, 2022

Winner of or $100 Gas Card Drawing for April


Winner of our second gas card drawing for the month of April 2022


Cathy Duke


RE/MAX of Greensboro

Best that I can tell, we have been working with Cathy’s clients for over 12 years. She is one of our top referring agents. We have done several for her family members and for her personally. In fact, we recently did an inspection, on a very nice home, for her niece. Let’s keep it in the family!!!

Interesting story about this drawing. I had an inspection booked for Cathy next week. I am at our mountain home. The listing agent called advising me of all the requirements the seller insisted on for us to inspect his home. What to wear, what we can’t touch, what we can’t open, how and when to use hand sanitizer, and so forth. Apparently, when I advised there would be three of us it became worse. My response? “You will need to call Cathy, as sellers do not dictate how we inspect their homes. The inspection was canceled, due to my refusal to comply. Cathy wasn’t pleased, but was understanding. I don’t believe either of us, or the listing agent, have ever had a similar issue previously. I do believe we have all been doing this for decades. Such is the Pandemic Mania. Cathy and I have worked together, a very long time, and she fully understands how I operate. She will book her next one with us, provided her clients are in agreement. 

In the mean time Nora, at the office in Winston, inquired if I wanted her to draw for the April gas card. I said sure, draw the card and send me a photo. This is what I received. As if our last one didn’t appear to be collusion, this one is worse. Nora swears that she didn’t have a clue what was going on and this is the card she pulled out 100 miles from me. 

To say that I was shocked, is an understatement. Cathy was as well when I text her. 

WOW - Considering the mess we had been dealing with, There couldn’t have been a better choice. Fate did that for us. 

I will be contacting Cathy to find out whether she prefers a Sheetz or Speedway card which she will receive shortly in the mail. Hey Cathy - Become eligible for the next drawing by following the instructions below, your card will not be re-entered. I think, as we have done several for Cathy recently, she sill has cards in that cage. 

Word to the wise, we try to remember to get one of your business cards at our inspections, or contact you later for one. We don’t do a very good job of that. GIVE US YOUR CARD so you can WIN. There are also other ways to be eligible. Let’s fill this drawing cage up with cards. All but the one drawn remain for the full year. 

Question is how do YOU win the one for May? Find out here: