Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Winner of or $100 Gas Card Drawing for May

Winner of our third gas card drawing for the month of May 2022


Sherri Pegg


Wilkinson ERA Real Estate

Per our data base, we have been working with Sherri's client's since 2009. Sherri always greets me with a hug. Well, maybe I greet her with a hug. Maybe we greet each other with hugs. Either way I hear that her builder, painter, husband is very jealous that I get better hugs than him. She is also very talented at getting makeup on me I have to explain to GrandPam. My typical response is "another Realtor hug". I get lots of Realtor hugs. My bride is a Realtor! Helps when you have been doing this for 25 years, are a gray haired grandfather and old as dirt. Most Realtors make me feel appreciated and loved. Note that I said most! Sherri is exceptional at that, and I appreciate it. 

Over the 13 years we have know each other there has only been one occasion Sherri refused to hug me. When I had COVID symptoms, that later turned out to be the real thing. Oh, oh we depart with a second hug, but not on that day. I am convinced that Sherri books her clients inspections with us just for those hugs. Ask her, I bet she tells you something different like "He is the best and the only one I would trust to inspect my own home." She shoots me that line all the time. 

Sherri cares about her clients, always attends the inspections, but may show up a little late. Hair and makeup, you know. She makes it very clear that she want's us to find ALL the issues so her clients are well informed. Although many agents make issues with the length of our reports, I have never heard Sherri complain. Truth is she points issues out to us. She and her husband build homes and she is very picky about construction and her choice of home inspectors. Right Sherri? 


I will be contacting Sherri to find to whether she prefers a Sheetz or Speedway card which she will receive shortly in an email. Hey Sherri - Become eligible for the next drawing by following the instruction below. Your card will not be re-entered. 

Word to the wise, we are having a terrible time remembering to get one of your business cards at our inspections. We don’t do a very good job of that. It is our fault so we are going to change the process. For every inspection we have, with one of your clients, we are now creating a card to enter in the drawing. There are also other ways to be eligible. Let’s fill this drawing cage up with cards. All but the one drawn remain for the full year. 

Question is how do YOU win the one for June? Find out here:

Sunday, May 29, 2022

New Business Managment System Coming Online

Good Morning - Incase you haven’t noticed we have lots of new toys and, if you have been paying attention, a massive new managment system. We have had it for 2.5 years but are just now activating more of its features and transferring everything over to it. It is the best available on the globe. All of our actions relative to dealing with inspections, other than reports which will not change, are totally transferred and will begin kicking in on newly booked home inspections this week. You will notice differences in our correspondence with you, payment processing, report delivery and follow up. Soon the new improved online booking system will be activated. The down side for you, prices will increase a little, they haven’t for many years and our cost of operation has drastically increased, as everyones has. I think you are going to love this new system. I already know that we love it as it brings on board totally paperless function and drastically reduces what has been massive duplication of entries for Pam and I for 25 years. 

One of the new features will be the ability to pay online with a check as well as a card. In order to keep our overall cost down there will now be a convince fee for using a card but pay by check will be free. These card charges have gotten completely out of hand as most clients are now using cards for payment. 

For 25 years we have not done a very poor job of keeping up with where our business originates. Why did the client book with us. That changes with our new automated text system. This is the question the text asks and our first response from an out of town agent who booked an inspection with Josh on a home she is personally purchasing.

“Please pacify our curiosity about your choice of us for your inspection at ……. to assist us in targeting our marketing efforts. How did you discover us as your inspector? Thanks in advance for you kind assistance.”

Her response: “Google” 

Mine: “Thanks for your response! Very helpful”

Her: “It was your good reviews”

WOW, now that is what I want to hear! 

If you are curious about those reviews go to our website at www.chrisdhilton.com. On the left hand side you will see a button which says “Click Here if you need a sales pitch”. This is our landing page for our online paid advertising. Don’t be shocked, we love what listing agents, who do not prefer us, call us. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 28, 2022

We Will Buy Your Home Back


If our InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector misses a covered item on your home, and you don’t want to keep it, we’ll buy your home. It isn’t complicated. 

InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home” Guarantee, also known as the Buy-Back Program (“Program”), is offered to home buyers of a primary residence and home sellers who hire a a participating InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector to perform their home inspection on a home in the U.S. or Canada. Under the Program, if InterNACHI determines that the inspector missed a covered item which is something he/she should have identified and reported, InterNACHI will buy your home back, subject to these program terms and conditions. 

Click Here for program details

Click Here for the down and dirty legal details

Repair Estimate Report by Porch

The value of the Repair Estimate Report for agents is the power and efficiency it gives you during the post-inspection negotiation process. After every inspection you do, you have to spend hours getting prices for the repairs highlighted in the report. With the Repair Estimate Report agents save time and energy during the process.

The Repair Estimate Report uses the details from your inspection report summary to create cost estimates you can use to negotiate and close. The RER could be saving you hours of work on every transaction.

The value of the Repair Estimate Report for homebuyers is that it helps alleviate stress during the post-inspection process and provide detailed cost information associated with the home you are purchasing.

When will the Repair Estimate Report be received?
RER’s take 48 hours to generate and send to the agent or client. The recipient may order a rush at an additional cost.


A $100 value for $80 added to your home inspection
Contact us at text/phone 336-816-7756 or email chris@chrisdhilton.com

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Porch Home Assistant Gold


As part of your home inspection with us you will receive 

Porch Home Assistant Gold. 

Rather than attempting to explain simply watch this video. 

This is folk who have experienced this program

Learn more about Porch by Clicking on the Link Below

Monday, May 16, 2022

Can you read a pair of shoes?

I broke down, over the weekend, and ordered new work brogans. I have had the ones on the right for about 20 years. For the most part, I only wear these shoes when I enter crawlspaces. THOUSANDS of crawlspaces. Note the total lack of wear on the soles and holes in the toes. Proof that I crawl in crawlspaces.
My back is a disaster and crouching or “duck walking” is impossible for me. I must crawl, slide, or roll. The shoes are the proof. Should you desire a home inspector who has literally worn out a pair of shoes with only crawlspace experience, you have found him. Book your next home inspection with an undeniable EXPERIENCED home inspector at www.chrisdhilton.com

Thursday, May 12, 2022

My Children

Information on our growing team. What GrandPam calls “my children”. Nora Akers and Josh Hedges “doing their thing”, on a commercial building inspection, early Monday morning. Note who’s ass is on the ground. Nora is 16 months out from her catastrophic commercial roof ladder fall accident. She is still recovering but doing awesome. She really wanted to get on this roof and I seriously considered letting her. I can’t decide who is more traumatized by the thought of Nora back on a ladder, her Josh or me who watched her fall 25 feet in full slow motion. Hopefully, exam passed soon, Nora will be out on her own doing inspections shortly. Then she will need to navigate ladders again. We will get there. 


On another note, we have a highly intelligent, Hispanic, bilingual, ferocious, soccer playing (with a broken finger to prove it), young lady in training now as a home inspector. She contacted us and we recognized the fire in her to be in this profession. We were looking for someone to translate for us and work one-on-one with our Spanish speaking clients. She found us. You will meet Emily shadowing us on some inspections. She will also be working part time in our office shortly helping kick our new management/marketing and booking system in gear. Later we will introduce her in a post. 


On yet another note, we were contacted by a retired builder, near my age, whom many old time Realtors will recognize. We are playing that low key right now. You may meet him shadowing one of us on inspections. He is working on training, attaining his license, learning the process and our systems. Later, we will introduce him, and you will be amazed. When he is fully on board, we will begin conducting new construction progress and payment draw inspections.


Let’s not stop there! We have a fireman with extensive construction experience starting training shortly. He is considering starting out part time on attaining his license. You may also meet him shadowing us. 


We are getting ready to kick marketing in gear for myself and Mark Silcott in the High Country. Coming Soon!


So, what does an old inspector do as he becomes less able to do some of the work and not interested in leaving this earth with all this knowledge and experience in his brain? Clones himself in droves. Warning, more are coming, as well as jacked up marketing to bring in work for them. You may meet them in their training process. 


Are we nuts? No, going to cover more territory and offer more services. We are already set up to cover from east of Burlington to the Tennessee border and from the Virginia line to the north side of Charlotte. Target market is the complete state. 


I ain’t going nowhere, but you will see less of me on small, simple inspections. Large, old, historic, expensive, commercial, I will still be around.  


Why book the rest when you can have the best? www.chrisdhilton.com

Monday, May 9, 2022

Who Butters Our Bread?

Near the end of every year I look at the numbers from the previous year to determine our performance, where our business came from “who butters our bread” and how to increase it in the future. This year I am a little behind and drilled down much deeper than usual. 

Don’t freak out at the length of this article. I assure you that not only will you enjoy it, but you will likely learn something you didn’t have a clue about.  

Before I even begin, allow me to be very clear that we love having our bread buttered by Realtor referrals. We love Realtors, I sleep with one every night. We will take every Realtor referral we can get and are preparing a massive marketing effort to get more. That said, we prefer Realtors who honestly care more about their client’s best interest than their transaction. The other type will only refer us for possibly one inspection, if they refer us at all. Following that first inspection they will consider us too tough or too detailed. Wouldn’t you imagine that is what their client is looking for? Others will only refer us for rough or old homes. Wonder why that is? 


We even have a few agents who only refer us when they have a client determined to purchase a home, in disastrous condition, that the agent prefers they don’t close on for fear it will come back and bite them in the ass. We become their insurance policy. “I referred the toughest home inspector in the business, and you still chose to close. I have done all I can do.” I had one that was literally condemned by the county just before closing. Yes, that is TRUE! 


We have MANY agents who only book us on homes they or family members are purchasing. I have a few agents who I have inspected multiple homes for them, and family members, but not even one for one of their clients. They will tell me, to my face, that I am too tough for their clients. Can you even believe that? Does that scream something at you? Amazingly the clients we work with love us, especially investor clients. Out of over 7000 inspections we have conducted over 25 years, I challenge you to find even a hand full of dissatisfied clients. You will find a few and find that it wasn’t us but their expectations which were the issue. Agents, well, that could go either way. 


When I began in this business, 25 years ago, most home inspection business came from Realtor referrals. The truth of the matter is that most of our competitors home inspection business still comes from Realtor referrals. Why do you imagine that most home inspectors bend over backwards to impress, “suck up” to Relators and not “kill their deal”? The problem is that most active successful Realtors have their preferred home inspector whom they recommend to their clients. Clients trust their agents and would consider no other. Hell, most have no clue how to even find another home inspector. This left me out in the cold. My decision to establish a reputation as one of the toughest home inspectors available and not to favor agent’s transactions over the client’s best interest threw even more cold water on my efforts to gain business. My lovely Realtor bride, the one I still sleep with every night, was convinced that I couldn’t make it. To be perfectly honest the first few years were embarrassingly lacking in inspection bookings. I had to find a different method to gain bookings. Began a massive marketing campaign to be number two, when those other guys were booked up. I began targeting new agents. Long before my competition I jumped on the internet and began targeting clients directly without their agent’s involvement.


Out of the 2186 buyer agents in our data base only 17% booked inspections with us in 2021. The bulk of our business in 2021 (76%) involved agents who were only involved in one transaction. Many of those new agents who had never booked with us previously. This likely indicates that we were not the agents recommend inspector but that the client chose us from the internet, referrals from past clients, friends, family members or business associates. That has been our target market for most of our 25 years in this business. 7% of our 2021 business had no agent involved.


Only 17% of our business involved agents in more than two inspections. These are the agents who prefer and recommend us. Wonder why that percentage is so low considering the volume of inspections we do? 


14% of our business was from only two agents representing investors for 2021. We are under contract to do about 50% of our 2021 volume in 2022 for only one of those investors.  

Other than these inspections involving investors, one of which booked 39 in 2021, no single Realtor represents even one half a percent of our business. 

Still in 2022, after 25 years and over 7000 home inspections under our belt. Most of our bread is buttered, somehow, despite Relators. Isn’t that amazing? 


Book your or your clients residential, multi family and commercial inspections at: