Sunday, November 24, 2013

Best $30,000 cheeseburger I ever ate

$30,000 Cheeseburger!
I was asked to look at a large church 11 year old roof which the church has been advised, by a roofing contractor, needs to be replaced. I walked the roof. It appears to be a 25 to 30 year rated architectural shingle in good condition. Church was about to approve a $30,000 expenditure for replacement of a perfectly good roof with possibly 20 years of remaining life. How much do you think I should charge a church for saving them $30,000? 

How I roll: This was a request from a Realtor (committee member) for a quote to check this out. I suspected that the church was about to be ripped off, based on the information provided. I think the Realtor suspected the same but we didn't talk about that. I said up front that there would be no charge.  I walked the roof about noon and I was treated to a delicious cedar cheeseburger with fries. Based on drive time (this was not local), time on site and time writing a letter to the church my standard fee would have been $350.00. Trust me, I got more than that from the pleasure of stopping another unscrupulous contractor. The two magic words are "Realtor" and "Church" however I have done the same for individuals if I thought up front, or after arrival, that they were being ripped off. These scenarios make my blood boil. Best $30,000 cheeseburger I ever ate.