Sunday, March 1, 2020

Top Notch Home Inspections

Breaking News - Dateline Lexington North Carolina Sunday March 1, 2020 
Chris D. Hilton

Home Inspector Associate Drew Cline completes his two years apprenticeship with Chris D. Hilton and Associates Home/Building Inspections, sprouts his wings and starts his own company "Top Notch Home Inspections".

A huge congratulations to our Inspector Associate Drew Cline, on completion of his two-year apprenticeship program with our organization. Over two years ago, a popular, 15-year veteran, pest technician, at the top of his game, approached me with a wild idea of becoming a home inspector. My response was “you will starve”. One thing I have clearly learned, over my 20 plus years in this business, is that becoming a successful home inspector requires much more than the 120 hours of classroom, 80 hours of field training, and passing a rigorous exam. Our state, and most states for that matter, tend to dump these inexperienced new “Licensed home Inspectors” out into the public realm where, in all honesty, they may have a reasonable understanding of the technical aspect of home inspections, but very limited understanding, and no experience, of how to become a successful home inspector desired by potential clients and their Realtors. Photo is of Drew in THE HOUSE FROM HELL, his first training inspection.

I was considering beginning training home inspectors to become effective, efficient professionals, well prepared to be the very best they could be. I actually became a certified NC field trainer, years before, and was of the opinion that much more was needed, than our state was demanding. When Drew approached me about becoming a home inspector, I told him it would require two years. He thought I was nuts. He thought he had very good connections in the real estate market, and he did, and that alone would push him to success. Drew quickly learned, and I think will agree, that doesn’t work. My idea was a two-year paid apprenticeship program, by my side, beginning to build the experience necessary to become good at this trade. Drew worked both with me, and out on his own, building and perfecting himself, using my experience, my client and Realtor base, as he built his own, to accomplish that. For those of you who have experienced Drew, you are well aware of how well this has worked. I don’t think a single client or Realtor, who have experienced Drew, can disagree how far he has advanced over the past two years. Photo is of Drew attending ASHI Inspection World 2019 in San Diego California. 

I am sure many are of the impression that Drew works for me. Surprise, nothing could be farther from the truth. Drew is now, always has been, and will be, an independent contractor. Drew has chosen to continue functioning under my business umbrella. I provide the technical support, booking and business side so Drew, and others coming up behind him, can concentrate on their inspections, reporting, building their business, without the headaches of dealing with the business side. There are seldom problems, but when there are, we work together, as a team, to resolve them quickly. This is a win, win, win, for all involved and has advanced beyond even our wildest dreams. Photo is of the growing Hilton Insepction team attending Continuing Education Class at The Home Insepction Training Center Burlington, NC. 

Now Drew advances to a new level of establishing his own brand. Much like stepping out on his own Drew is becoming “Top Notch Home Inspections” flying his own brand and banner, which is associated with mine. Drew is also beginning assisting with the training of additional inspectors. Over time, Drew will become a team leader with other inspectors training and functioning under his supervision. Drew, and I, have literally built this concept together and are now implementing it far beyond him. I believe that Drew will concur that the past few years hasn’t been all fun and games. There have been difficult and stressful times, for the both of use, walking this new path, neither of us had any experience walking. We both are on the same page agreeing that our path may have been untried, but it worked beyond either of our wildest imaginations. 

It is with great honor, and swelling pride, that Drew allows me to make this introduction of his vision, new company name, and banner. Please join me in welcoming Drew and his “TOP NOTCH HOME INSPECTIONS”.  This concept will advance, over time, to its own website and booking page. Please continue to support Drew as he extends his wings, out of the nest, to soar to new heights, by booking inspections with Drew at our website