Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Winner of our $100 Gas Card Drawing for January


Winner of our $100 Gas Card Drawing for January 


Julie Miller 


Century 21 Total Real Estate Solutions

High Point

Julie, Top Producer of the Year with her company, knows the secret to winning our gas card drawing. Have one client with accepted offers and inspections on three houses, one after the other who books us for all three inspections. Works for me! Congratulations Julie, we look forward to working with your clients on their inspection in the future. Three at a time, all the better. 

I will be contacting Julie to find out whether her prefers a Sheetz or Speedway card which her will receive shortly in an email. Hey Julie - Become eligible for the next drawing by following the instructions below. Your card will not be re-entered. 

Word to the wise, we are having a terrible time remembering to get one of your business cards at our inspections. We haven't done a very good job of that. It is our fault so we have changed the process. For every inspection we have, with one of your clients, we are now creating a card to enter in the drawing. There are also other ways to be eligible. Let’s fill the drawing cage up with cards for 2023. We have emptied the cage and starting over for 2023. 

Question is how do YOU win the one for February? Find out here: