Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Home Inspection Crisis

As I write this article I am 67 years old with over 30 years’ experience in residential and commercial construction and 20 as a home and commercial building inspector. I am with little argument one of the most experienced inspectors in the State of North Carolina and for that part North America. I have pretty much maxed out the volume I am personally able to handle alone. Having trained numerous construction superintendents, project managers, dealt with too many subcontractors suppliers and employees, I committed in 1998 to work on my own for the remainder of my life.  With the average home inspector in his 60’s (yes most are men), past what is generally considered, put out to pasture retirement age, on Medicare, currently or soon drawing Social Security, who will inspect your homes in the future? One day it dawned on me, listening to Realtors concerned about my retirement, that I am the problem. I fully intend to continue inspecting into my 80’s and have many years left inspecting your homes and commercial buildings. But, what happens as I have all the volume I can handle, if I get hurt, sick, too tired to continue, my bride decides she wants to travel more or, as we all will, drop dead?

After great consideration and consternation, I think I may have discovered a solution in a much younger guy, who grew up on a tobacco farm in Pinnacle, North Carolina at the foot of Pilot Mountain, red neck country boy, Eagle Scout Drew Cline. Drew has spent 12 years as a pest inspector and technician addressing wood destroying insects, moisture and wild life issues in homes. Drew is loved by his clients and the Realtors he has worked with. Drew sat under the tutelage of Bonnie and Tom Gregory, the best home inspector instructors available in North Carolina at the Home Inspector Training Center in Burlington. Now Drew is working by the old man’s side learning the nuances of actually inspecting homes and commercial buildings. Drew is now, without doubt, the most experienced, best supervised, best new home inspector in North Carolina. Working, by my side, Drew has already inspected more homes and commercial buildings than any other new inspector in NC. Now we are working on osmosis passing my experience over to him as he works along with me.

Crisis alleviated? Not quite yet. 

You must play your part.

Now the future of home inspections in North Carolina is in your hands as the homebuyers and Realtors assisting homebuyers. Drew will not be inspecting homes you don’t book him to inspect. Be assured that Drew has his mentors readily available should he need us, and should your booking be old or complex, I will be right by his side. Go to this link, fill out the information about the home then on the next page PICK DREW!