Monday, March 7, 2022

Monthly Drawing for $100 Gas Card

North Carolina Licensed Realtors Only
Revised May 31, 2022

On the last day of each month, 12 times a year, we will be drawing a Realtors card to receive a $100.00 gas card from either Sheetz or Speedway (your choice). Please share this with others in your office! 

Who is eligible to participate: All North Carolina active, licensed, real estate agents who have personally met with one of our inspectors, face to face, either as part of a booked home inspection (both buyers and sellers agents), or to discuss the services we provide to agents. The card must be personally, in person, handed to our inspector with exception, if we conduct a home inspection for one of your clients we will create a card and place it in the drawing. This includes all participants in any group event, such as a presentation of our services to agents at Realtors offices or an agent appreciation event. If the event is online agents are eligible but must be registered as a participant in the event and personally deliver their card to one of our inspectors or mail their card to Chris D. Hilton 134 Cedar Lake Trail, Winston-Salem, NC 27104. The agents participation in an online event will be verified before the card is placed in the drawing. 

Hint: As a buyer's agent, we encourage you to show up and participate in your clients home inspection. As a seller's agent, we do not encourage you to participate, but would love for you to drop by and introduce yourself to everyone. As such, hand us your business card and enter this drawing. 

How to participate: When you meet with one of our inspectors, as stated above, write on your business card "Gas Drawing" and give it to that inspector. 

How many times can you participate: Every time you meet the criteria above as judged by the inspector you are with at the time. 

Length of offering: Cards will be cumulative for one year beginning in 2022 until further notice. At the end of each year the cards will be disposed of and a new drawing started for the new year. The winning card drawn will be removed from the drawing. However, that winner will be eligible for the next drawing having submitted additional cards for having met the eligibility requirements stated above. There is no limit to how many times one can enter a card in the drawing provided they meet the eligibility requirements. 

When will a card be drawn and prize rewarded: All of the business cards, and created cards, received in a drawing year will be maintained together for the complete year in the drawing drum pictured above in our office. A card will be drawn from that drum on the last day of each month, the lucky winner advised choice of gas card selected, and announced on this blog and our Facebook sites. The card will be e-mailed from the fuel company selected. 

Who are the inspectors authorized to receive these cards: Chris Hilton, Josh Hedges, Mark Silcott and our Director of Agent Services Nora Akers. 



  1. Richard PaulicelliAugust 3, 2022 at 9:15 AM

    How fun! So I guess the more business we do with you the more chances we have to win some gas money. I better get working!

  2. Thank you guys for providing GREAT inspections for my client! Josh and Nora were incredible and saved my client a lot of angst!


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