Saturday, February 8, 2014

Zinsco Electrical Panel Equipment

The North Carolina home Inspectors Licensure Board, as of January 10, 2014 has suggested the following language to address potential issues with Zinsco Electrical Service Panels:
Home Inspector Report and Summary Page recommended language related to electrical equipment.
In recent years home inspections have revealed defects and safety concerns with some electrical panels and equipment. The following language is recommended for use by home inspectors as deemed appropriate for the building inspected.
Recommended Language:
The electrical panel located (fill in the blank) contains Zinsco equipment There have been multiple reports of problems associated with this type of equipment that can affect the safety and habitability of the home. These problems cannot be identified without removal of the circuit breakers, which is beyond the scope of a home inspection. Further investigation by a licensed electrical contractor is recommended to determine if the panel should be replaced and the approximate cost of replacement. For more information on Zinsco electrical panels visit:

A Typical Zinsco Label

Horizontal Zinsco Panel

Vertical Zinsco Panel

I encourage you to visit the link provided above for more detail on this issue. Also be aware that in many installations these panels are actuality owned by the power provider. Many home inspectors, including ME, will not remove the dead front covers from these brand electrical panels due to safety concerns!

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