Saturday, July 20, 2013

What a client thinks

My inspection report was wonderful! It was very detailed and very clear to understand. I appreciate Chris explaining what things were and putting things in plain English. I really appreciated that :) Thanks!!! (Single mother with three kids)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The NEW way - Listing Consultations

Suppose I could consult with a seller on the condition of their home for FREE? Would that be something a seller and their agent might have interest in? I would think so. Well, I have done better than FREE.

Check this out!

Suppose an experienced professional home inspector could consult with the seller of a home to educate them on the condition of their home and how its condition might affect marketing of the property. How about what might happen when the buyer has it inspected.

Suppose the price could be reasonable.

Suppose the seller could get more than the cost back in savings on their repairs or on the home inspection on the home they are purchasing.


As a real estate agent, who deals with home inspections, you should understand the value of a pre-listing home inspection.

As a seller you may not understand how very important a pre-listing inspection and repairs and/or improvements may be for marketing your home in the shortest time at the best price. You may not understand what will occur when the buyer hires a home inspector to check out your home.

The problem is it is very difficult to overcome the hurdle of the cost of the inspection and repairs or improvements. For years I have been trying to come up with an alternative for an expensive pre-listing home inspection for those who simply can't comprehend the value of a pre-listing home inspection or are unwilling to pay the price.

Now I am offering "Listing Consultations". These are not home inspections! What I do is spend an hour with the homeowner/seller and conduct what I call a walk and talk. There will be NO REPORT associated with this service and it is the clients responsibility to make notes as we walk through their home. There will be a contract required making it very clear that this is not a home inspection. The goal is to educate the client about issues which may be addressed when the potential buyer has a home inspection on this home. I will also make recommendations that may make the home more presentable and competitive in the marketplace.

The cost of this service is $175.00 payable at the time of the consultation. Where does the "better than FREE" part come in?

As part of this service the client will have access to a 10% coupon from Lowe's Home Improvements for up to a total of $500.00 in potential savings as well as savings from additional vendors, arranged by Lowe's, for over $1500.00 in additional potential savings. The client will then be eligible to receive a 20% discount should they decided to conduct a pre-listing inspection on the home they are selling and a 20% discount on a pre-purchase inspection on the home they are purchasing. In essence, I am now able to offer this service in a way the client can potentially save much more than they pay. Is that not better than offering the service for FREE? You be the judge!

E-mail me the name, address, phone number and e-mail address for the party interested in this service to and I will make contact or call me at (336) 816-7756 and leave a message.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Deals, Discounts and Savings

Icing on your cake!

It shouldn't make a difference as you are looking for the very best home inspector you can find. Hopefully, you have found that. But just suppose that home inspector could also include with your inspection deals, discounts and savings which could total much more than what you will pay for the inspection. Wouldn't that be icing on your cake? Well, I have set out to ice your cake as detailed in this post. Total up the potential and see if it doesn't total much more than the cost of your inspection. In reality, should you care to take opportunity of any or all of these offers, your inspection could end up costing you nothing.
  1. First, I have set out to limit your risk by offering a 200% satisfaction guarantee. Learn the details by clicking here.
  2. With every inspection you will receive RecallChek. You could have a recalled appliance repaired or completely replaced. Who knows what that could be worth? Learn the details by clicking here.
  3. With every inspection you will receive at 90-Day Limited Warranty. What is the value? Who knows, depends on if you need it or not. I hope you never need it, but it is available if you do. Learn the details by clicking here.
  4. With every inspection you will receive a one year subscription to the Home Owners Network  a $199.00 valve. Learn the details by clicking here.
  5. With every inspection you will receive a life time membership to Home Binder. Learn the details by clicking here.
  6. Security system installed for as low as zero dollars with monitoring as low as $35.99 per month. Learn the details by clicking here.
  7. Discounts on Waterproofing, Structural Repairs, Radon Mitigation, Crawl Space Repairs and more. Learn the details by clicking here.
  8. Monster Free Guarantee for your kids. Learn the details by clicking here.
There may be more to come as I continue working on additional arrangements. 

Tar Heel Basement Systems

I don't endorse vendors.
I do make my clients aware of vendors who offer special deals.

Tar Heel Basement Systems offers services for ALL THINGS BASEMENTY including:
  • Waterproofing
  • Structural Repairs
  • Radon Mitigation
  • Finishing
  • Crawl Space Repairs

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What a client thinks

Thank you for the service you performed for Aretha and I Friday. We were very impressed by your professionalism, knowledge, and friendliness. We will most definitely recommend you to anyone we may know who may need your services. - Curtis