Saturday, February 22, 2014

Real Estate Revelations

As many reading this may recall, shortly after beginning this inspection business 16 years ago, I began an e-mail newsletter for Realtors with the goal of attempting to assist with your business, especially as it relates to home inspections. That newsletter was very well accepted in the industry and widely read. That action later evolved into my website and later this blog "Today's Home Inspections". All along it was my intent to crank the newsletter back up. Beginning March 1st that will occur with "Real Estate Revelations". This effort will be even more targeted toward assisting agents with better knowledge and timely information to improve their business. It will be less about home inspections and more about you.

Mid March will begin a second newsletter for home owners "The House Whisperer". With thousands of past customers and future customers, there are many who will enjoy and gain from this effort to help them traverse the sometimes murky waters of home ownership. Since most Realtors are also home owners this may interest you as well for your on home and to know what your customers are receiving.

To encourage Realtors to sign up, I am having a drawing for $1,000.00 on the last day of 2014. The drawing will include every active Realtor within the Triad MLS area who signs up for "Real Estate Revelations" and "RecallTrak", which will be explained in the newsletter. Both are required for the drawing!

To participate you must sign up for my e-mail list at this link: 

You will be able to choose "Real Estate Revelations" (required for the drawing) which will go out the first of every month as well as "The House Whisperer" which will go out mid month. I suggest you take a chance and check out both.

Follow the instructions in "Real Estate Revelations" to be eligible for the $1,000.00 drawing at the end of 2014.

Added March 1, 2014 Click Here to see the first edition.

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