Saturday, February 8, 2014

HUD REAC Inspections

Added to the Home and Commercial Building Inspections I already conduct
Chris D. Hilton is now a contract HUD REAC Certified Physical Assesment Inspector

Nearly 4 million American families live in rental housing that is owned, insured or subsidized by HUD. That varies from low income and rent subsidized housing to luxury apartments as well as elder housing, group, assisted living and nursing homes. To ensure that these families have housing that is decent, safe, sanitary and in good repair. REAC conducts approximately 16,00 physical inspections on properties each year. Many of these are conducted for HUD, however, many more are requirements of the mortgage lender and are conducted for the lender. I do both types.

This type of inspection can involve a small building with a few units, scattered sites with single family homes or a single large building with many units such as the Nissen Building Apartments where I live in downtown Winston-Salem. Typically, this inspection involves larger properties with multiple buildings and multiple units. The largest one I have done so far involved 36 buildings and 230 units. That required a day and a half. Most are one to two days but can be more. The inspection is the complete site and a sample of the exterior of buildings, building common areas and units not every building and unit on site.

Interestingly, the building I live in has a HUD insured loan therefore falls under the requirements for this inspection. This week I was assigned the inspection for the very building I live in. That is considered a conflict of interest by HUD. Therefor, I had to decline that inspection. I am limiting the inspections I conduit to a 100 mile radius of Winston-Salem and have conducted inspections in Winston-Salem, Greensboro and Tyro so far. However, I am certified to conduct these inspections throughout the US and it territories. Currently, I have inspections booked in Charlotte, Gastonia, Salisbury and Kannapolis.

Break down of when inspections are conducted based on their score from previous inspection.
These are the guys I must please!

Learn more about HUD REAC by clicking here

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