Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Don't Buy That House Until You Check These 7 Critical Problem Spots

Here is a great article at the Motley Fool you should read and heed BEFORE making an offer to purchase a home or booking a home inspection. Otherwise you may get to pay me twice as happened multiple times in the past few weeks. It's OK for my wallet but you can save much money and heartache by simply opening your eyes and looking as outlined in the article at this link:

"If you're buying a house, you should get a professional home inspection. Its just that simple. Do it. These professionals have the tools, knowledge, and experience to guaranteer there aren't any unexpected or expensive surprises for you and your family after you move int. There is one small problem, however. The home inspection occurs after you already made an offer to buy the house, and it can cost you a few hundred dollars in non-refundable cash."


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  3. Well, there's no doubt that building or house inspection is so important but it also need to see that it's done by a certified or professionals so that you can rely on the results.


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