Thursday, January 26, 2012

What a "Sellers" agent thinks

This morning I awoke to a text message from Facebook on my I-phone about a posting on my wall from a listing agent concerning an inspection conducted for the buyer on her listing. That sounds ominous.

"Chris, Thanks so much for the Home Inspection on my listing in Buena Vista...Older homes can be a problem...My Sellers were very impressed with your expertise and we are moving forward with the closing of this home.... Thanks Again!!"

Here was the comment I left:

"Thanks (agent's name), it's very nice to receive kind words from a "listing agent" on a buyers inspection. Inspecting older homes can be very stressful for all concerned. My love for older homes usually shows through in my inspections. However, its the home that makes the difference. This home was well constructed from the beginning through its additions. Yes, there were a few issues but they are manageable considering the exceptional base to work from."

I didn't think it appropriate to use the agent's name here without permission. However, it is on my Facebook wall time line if you are curious. 

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