Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What a client thinks

I just stumbled on this review written by an unknown client in Google places on June 23, 2011 with FIVE stars: 

"So glad we chose Mr. Hilton as our home inspector. He's SO knowledgeable and informative. We got more than our money's worth -- learned SO much. We felt very comfortable with him and free to ask any and all questions we had. And his report was very detailed and informative as well, with drawings and links to further explanations of issues that were found. And his website/blog has been really informative as well. He really was 'unbiased,' not telling us "what we wanted to hear," nor did he make his discoveries seem so "alarming" as to scare us away from going forward. We'd HIGHLY recommend him to any buyer or realtor!"

This was my response:  Thanks, I just noticed this posting (January 25th 2012). Must not be paying attention. Probably a good thing so my head doesn't swell up. I try hard, it's great to know the effort is appreciated. Chris D. Hilton

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