Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Concerned about security?

This homeowner is very concerned about security. Take a look:

Three different locks, the top one large enough to to keep any size man from breaking through.

Glass within inches of all of the locks. Do you think there might be a rock in this yard.

Oh, forget the rock, the dog door is large enough for a small man, or most women (I am being kind) to crawl through.

Point to remember, most homes are only as secure as the nearest rock. If you really think that you are going to stop a determined burglar or home invader with locks and alarms, think again. Do you desire light and a view? You can't have both! Brick it up solid if you desire security and hope the intruder hasn't yet stolen a sledge hammer or masonry saw. I have had buildings where they cut through solid masonry walls and roofs. Every single one had alarm systems which were on and had to be deactivated when the owners arrived to enter their own space to find their space invaded. The only winner in the security game is the providers wallet. The best security is your neighbor. Better be nice to them and careful about the neighborhood you choose.

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