Sunday, January 22, 2012

40% OFF Shugart Home Inspection

Received a call from an agent selling a new Shugart home inquiring if the Shugart deal I offered in 2011 was still good. Had to make a quick decision and the response was YES. Here is the Shugart deal updated for 2012:

After following the progress of Shugart Enterprises since its inception in 1966 and having inspected Shugart homes, new and existing, for over 14 years I often state that Shugart is now one of the best builders in North Carolina. I typically observe fewer issues and less serious issues in Shugart construction. Without doubt inspecting and writing reports on Shugart homes requires less time. Such performance deserves to be rewarded. Inspecting these homes requires much less effort, on my part, therefore the inspection should be less expensive.

Here is the deal for 2012:
  • 40% OFF of all home inspections on New Shugart Homes for the duration of 2012 with the Shugart Homes Savings Certificate presented at site. Example - home up to 1600 SF would be $300.00 with discount will be only $180.00. Price is based on size of the home!
  • Payment allowed with cash, check, credit card or at closing.
  • Click Here for your Exclusive Shugart Homes Savings Certificate. Print as many as you desire now or later for your marketing packages throughout 2012.
Four simple steps:
  1. Print the Exclusive Shugart Homes Savings Certificate as you need them.
  2. Include an Exclusive Shugart Homes Savings Certificate with your marketing package or give to your client at any time you desire throughout 2012.
  3. You or your client can book the home inspection by (clicking here) or visit for your booking.
  4. You or your client present the Exclusive Shugart Homes Savings Certificate on site and receive 40% OFF of the booked price!

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