Saturday, May 28, 2022

Repair Estimate Report by Porch

The value of the Repair Estimate Report for agents is the power and efficiency it gives you during the post-inspection negotiation process. After every inspection you do, you have to spend hours getting prices for the repairs highlighted in the report. With the Repair Estimate Report agents save time and energy during the process.

The Repair Estimate Report uses the details from your inspection report summary to create cost estimates you can use to negotiate and close. The RER could be saving you hours of work on every transaction.

The value of the Repair Estimate Report for homebuyers is that it helps alleviate stress during the post-inspection process and provide detailed cost information associated with the home you are purchasing.

When will the Repair Estimate Report be received?
RER’s take 48 hours to generate and send to the agent or client. The recipient may order a rush at an additional cost.


A $100 value for $80 added to your home inspection
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