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Please present us as an option for your client
Please do not select us as THE home inspector for your client
For both of our protection, the choice should be theirs

Disclaimer (please read this first): Note the restriction in red above. If you do not meet that qualification, no need to read anything on this page! What is our intent with this page? This page is all about you, as a real estate professional, becoming more acquainted with us and the services we offer. Nothing on this page should be considered an inducement for you to book or encourage your clients to book a home inspection with us. For your and our protection you should always recommend multiple home inspector options to your clients and allow them to freely choose from those options or to choose any home inspector they may desire. 

We all know that your clients look to you for direction and information about home inspectors. The goal of this page is to offer potential opportunities for you to personally experience, become more acquainted with and respect our offerings for your clients. Our goal is to hopefully be ONE of the inspectors you provide information about to your client. This page is also about informing you of discounts we may offer to your clients for our services. No "quid-pro-quo" is expected from you for the use or distribution of any offer on this page or anywhere on this blog. Should you or your client benefit from offerings on this page absolutely nothing is anticipated, considered or expected in return for that benefit. Never consider yourself obligated in any way to even mention us to your clients let alone book their home inspection. Please offer any information you feel is appropriate based on your personal experience and opinions. Our goal is to attempt to offer opportunities for you to have personal experiences and opinions.

Lets make it clear, we desire to conduct every home inspection for you, your family, friends and clients. However, our desire is that we clearly be the clients choice, based on our ability to offer them the best unbiased option for their home inspection.

Don't miss your Birthday present on this page!

How to receive a FREE Home Inspection and Radon test on your personal residence

How your family members can receive 50% OFF their Home Inspection

How one of your clients can receive 50% OFF of their Home Inspection on your birthday

We love Realtors! Without you we would be sitting at home twiddling our thumbs. Most of our business comes from Realtor referrals (you share information about us with your clients). Unlike most inspectors we have a special appreciation for your experiences with inspections. Every day, when Chris comes home, he spends his time with a Realtor. Yep, married to one! Sleeps with one every night! We understand and empathizes with the frustrations of the inspection process. We attempt to put every property we inspect in proper perspective by thinking of every client as one of our children and considering that our grandchildren might be living in this home. We attempt to inform every client as we would one of our own kids. We honestly think that is what every client is looking for. Don't you think so? We love to work with Realtors of like mind who place their clients before the deal. If you don't place your client before the transaction then you may not be pleased with our inspection.

A few things Chris has learned over twenty years of inspecting homes:
  1. Very few deals fall apart due to inspections and those that do usually deserve to fall apart. 
  2. In over a two decades of inspections Chris can probably count on both hands the deals that fell apart because of our inspection.
  3. In almost every case when a deal falls apart, due to the inspection, we end up with a second deal much better for everyone involved and everyone is happy in the end.
Frequently asked questions:
  1. Where do we do inspections? In all of the eleven NC counties in the Triad MLS coverage area which is approximately a 50 mile radius of Winston-Salem.
  2. How much do you charge? Our pricing is based on the size and age of the home and that information is available online by simply filling out a form with information about the house by clicking here.
  3. When can you do the inspection? Our schedule is available online by filling out information about the house click here.
  4. Who are you? Click here to learn about Chris!
  5. How long have you be doing home inspections? Over 20 years
So, enough of the sales pitch? Here we go with the good parts!!!

FREE Home Inspections and Radon tests for you: A FREE pre-listing and/or pre-purchase home inspection and radon test when you, as an active Realtor, sell or purchase a private residence for your personal use. We don't care if you ever have or ever will book a paid inspection with us! Simply book the inspection by clicking here and type “Free Inspection and radon test – Realtors Personal Residence” in the notes section of the online booking form. There are no time restrictions or additional requirements for this other than that you must be an active Realtor and that the home be within the local Triad MLS area. This offer will not expire! We have been doing this for over twenty years! The online booking system will show what the price would be if you were paying and all available times for your inspection. We reserve the right to verify that this is, or is intended as, your personal residence. This does not apply to investment property. Can you think of a better way to meet us and personally experience what we do. We know that this doesn't happen that often therefore below is a second way for you to possibly have a similar opportunity. We would love for you to be able to say "This inspector inspected my home."

50% OFF all home inspections for your family members: Simply book the inspection by clicking here and type “50% off inspection – Realtors Family Member (enter relationship)” in the notes section of the online booking form. (This does not include a radon test which is $125.00 and not subject to the discount.) This offer is limited to your children (natural, step and adopted), your grandchildren, your and your spouse’s parents, your and your spouse’s siblings, your and your spouse’s nieces and nephews. We reserve the right to verify the relationship. I would love for you to be able to say "This inspector inspected my family members home."

50% OFF of your next client’s home inspection:

Happy Birthday 

Our first wish for you on your birthday is that you will have more closings this year than the candles on your birthday cake. Our wish for us is that you would make all of your clients aware of our home inspection services. Unfortunately, we don’t have the power to grant either wish. How about a wish we have the power to grant? A better price for your clients home inspection. (limited to one time per year and must be within 30 days following your birthday!). Simply book the inspection by clicking here and type “50% off inspection for my Birthday” in the notes section of the online booking form. (This does not include a radon test which is $125.00 and not subject to the discount and is limited to one client at one address.) We may card you, bet you haven't had that done lately. What better way for us to honor your birthday and for you to experience what we do than to enjoy one of your clients receiving a discount on your birthday?

Do we pay referral fees for home inspections? To find the answer to that question click here.

LEGAL NOTICE: Chris D. Hilton reserves the right to change or discontinue any or all of the offers listed above at any time without notice. None of these offers should be considered as an inducement for you to select us as THE home inspector for your client or book any of our services for your clients. Your clients should choose their home inspector.  None of the wording of this marketing/promotional material should be construed as an indirect offer of allowances to “other parties dealing with the client in connection with work for which the licensee is responsible” which is prohibited by North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board Rule 11 NCAC 08.1116(e). Do not select us as THE home inspector for your client!